About Us

We at Donaldson Creek Outfitters welcome you to our new website!

A little about us…we have a combined hunting experience of 126 years between the three of us.  Growing up as brothers and friends, we traipsed about hunting the majority of our waking moments.

The property where Donaldson Creek Outfitters is located has been in the Underhill family for over 40 years.  It has predominantly been a cattle farm with some row crop mixed in.   We have continuously added adjacent farms (encompassing 2,500+ acres) over the years as they became available.  Our property contains big open bottom ground, expansive open meadows and acres of older hardwoods with plenty of food plots.  Mini ponds dot the landscape.

We also have feeders scattered throughout the property to ensure a stable food supply.  We try all the latest protein & minerals to enhance antler growth along with genetics to grow the MONSTERS!!  Our racks are predominant typical but have had some knarly non-typical ones.

We look forward to a great experience with you, your friends and family.  We have found with all the great people that have entered our doors; it’s not all about the “KILL.”  It truly is about nature, the experience, comradery, great food and the big buck is the bonus.

Happy Hunting!

Mike Shelton
Mike Underhill
Kerry Underhill